EP 6: The Money Is In The LIST

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Are you putting off building an email list on your website and need some motivation?
In this episode, I share why an email list is one of a small business’s best marketing assets.
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In This Episode:
  • [01:39] - "More" is not always better
  • [02:21] - Social media tactics that can harm your community
  • [03:17] - The benefits of having an email list
  • [03:53] - How to grow your list
Key Takeaways:
  • Treat everyone within your community as a family and not just as mere leads.
  • More isn't always better. The truth is, the most important piece of social media is having an engaged community.
  • When you have an email list, you'll always be able to connect with them, support them and grow with them.

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